Online dating lacks social connectivity and limits our chances of success

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Why we created "the Flock" online matchmaking community.

We’re often asked “Why we started an online dating app”.  

It’s a fair question.


“The Flock” was not created by a huge company looking to get in on the online dating cash flow.

My name is Todd Staples, and “The Flock” was started by an unpaid team of only a few people and me. I'm a software engineer so I wanted to use my skills to give back after going through hell with online dating myself. We’re not in it for the money.  We’re in it to solve a problem we think is pretty serious in our world today.  The downfall of online dating.

We think the normal way online dating apps/sites operate is outdated.  

We think current platforms like Tinder, Match, and more lack the social connectivity that is needed to make online dating truly work. 

Tinder is for hookups and getting scammed, and others are just junk sites full of fakes.  It’s time for a more social experience that keeps scammers and fakes at bay.  Something less lonesome and depressing that includes friends/family (our best matchmakers).


We built this because we think singles deserve better, and current apps are failing us.  

We experienced online dating.  We knew how horrible it was.  We thought we could fix it, so we tried.  We got married.. We kept trying.  And we still work on it almost every day and put far too much of our hard earned family money into it.  But we still believe in the cause.

We believe dating is supposed to be a social experience.  The whole backbone of dating is meeting new people with which you must be social.  The more social you are with these people, the more they’ll dig you.  More they dig you, well..  Be more social, get more dates.  Unless you’re an ass.  Why is it so hard?

These days, online dating apps and sites are built as a singular experience.  It’s you vs. the world.  It’s not social, and very 1 on 1 interview style all the time.  It’s just you in a SEA of people. Fakes, real, assh0le? Not?  Who knows?  It costs too much, and you get no good results.  The ROI sucks. Why? Because every profile you reach out to never writes back or is a scammer.  The people who are real suck worse than you’ve ever seen.  And it's just junk all around.  WTF


It’s obvious why people are sick of online dating.


We figure that singles online today deserve:

  • To not have to deal with scammers/fakes!
  • To not have to pay a ton of money per month for crap results
  • To not feel completely alone while trying to find love
  • To be able to share your online dating experience with friends
  • To not have your data stolen or sold for profit
  • To meet new people/matches through friends.
  • To GET access to a wealth of blog articles about dating  Keys to SUCCESS  for FREE!!
  • enjoy online dating again


Q: Have you ever shown your sister/brother/friend/mom a picture of a someone you’re chatting with to ask for their opinion? 

Q: Have you ever met a new love interest through a friend?

Q: Have you heard of people meeting on social networks through some comment thread?  


“The Flock” is built so that these things can happen and have a natural feel. 

It’s now you AND your friends/family ON the app/site together real time instead of a lonely experience like the others.

Let me tell you about a couple of our major "Features"

Full Social Network with a dating knowledge base?

We put a full social network into our app/site that also has a full knowledge base of blog articles for singles to level up their game these days and learn the ins and outs of the craft.  


Social networks of any type are built on creating new connections through existing connections to expand our social circles.  Right? We see lists of people we might know and should know via social network snooping and we can easily make new friends with a simple friend request or commenting on a friend's post.   In essence this is really a form of matchmaking through friends.   We just dont usually want to use our Facebook accounts for all our dating stuff because. let's face it, Facebook can't be trusted with that or any data.   So why not bring that same concept to our dating platform to foster the kind of social ecosystem that works for meeting new people.  That’s why we added one to “The Flock”


Friend-to-Friend Introductions through Profile Sharing.

Users of Flock can have their friends introduce them to people they know through profile forwarding.  We're working on allowing it through text messaging now.  Your friends can now be your own personal matchmakers!

Friends/Family approval means a lot to many people as well.  When our friends are involved we significantly increase the chances of finding more compatible candidates to mingle with.  Friends of friends are vetted.  They're not stranger weirdos.  And if they're friends with your friend, more than likely that means you're already compatible.

^  see ?  a friend introducing a future couple.  it happens!


Why name it "the Flock"?


“The Flock” is named as such because it’s all about having friends in the system where you’re trying to find love.  Your Flock.  Your people.  Your friends.  To advise, matchmake and make you laugh.   Bring your friends AND your family we say!   More the merrier.  Your sister isn’t single?  We don’t care.  Give her your invite code once you sign up and when she signs up she can just join “as a friend of a single person”.  They’re account will be fully hidden in the single search and she can use the Flock social network as normal.  It’s a blast!


Final Word

We are trying like hell with our own money to advertise and get the word out about what we’re doing here at “Flock”.   We’d love it if you’d join us in ending online dating depression globally.  :-)  no.. seriously.  Email us at


Download “The Flock” and find out how having your friends by your side can make dating fun and a positive experience again.