WHY am i still constantly thinking about my EX!

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Can't get your Ex out of your head? Looking fondly back on that time? You're not alone.

Reasons Why You Still Think About Your Ex


Some partners are better than others, and that's just how it goes. Then you have the one ex that you can't seem to get over no matter what, but you don't know why. Well, there are plenty of possible explanations for this.

Once you know the source, hopefully, it helps you move past it.

He Knew Your Worth In The Moment


Did he appreciate you for what you are today and not for what you could become in five years? Someone who sees your worth in the moment and fuels your aspirations isn't someone you'll likely forget anytime soon.


Their Smile Was Iconic


Her smile can put a smile on the grumpiest person, can't it? It wasn't a forced smile, but it was authentic and stood out to you compared to all the fake cheeses you've seen.


He Always Had Your Back


We can't always count on everyone in this life, but you could depend on him. Even in the most challenging of times, he was there, and that made you feel secure.


She Inspired You Like No Other

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If someone can spark your soul and help you grow, that's special. Family members can do that, but not every partner can, and that's why you miss her so much.


You Shared So Many Values

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Imagine someone that had the same values as you. Not only for family goals, but for happiness and career goals as well; that's not someone you want to see leave from your life.


He Was Your Stress Ball


He grounded you when things looked bleak. He was the one who assured you things would be okay and that you needn't worry no matter how hectic things got in the world.


Her Kindness Couldn't Be Matched


You can't compare her kindness to another partner's. Someone who doesn't mind giving to others and does so with a smile can be hard to forget about, honestly. Try not to think about her too much.


The Intimacy Was On Another Level


A high level of intimacy doesn't always come easy. That's something you realize if you've had a few partners, but you can't forget what you two had, no matter how hard you try.


Laughing Was A Regular Thing


Funny people are gems on this Earth. I'm not talking dad jokes, but someone that knew your humor and was a regular comedian. How many times did you laugh until you cried?


Who Understood You Better?


Not everyone will understand you, but she did. Unfortunately, you had to end things, but you'll always remember her as the one that got you more than anyone else in this life.


Things Were Always Fun


The two of you always found a way to make things fun. No matter what it was, you didn't mind and it was always a great time, which is rare for a lot of couples.


There Were No Barriers


He didn't put any restraints on you, and you didn't put any on him. If you wanted to go hang out with your friends on a Friday night, he said have fun.


She Could Laugh At Herself

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A girl who doesn't take herself too seriously is a keeper. She would laugh at herself, which is a sign of humility, a trait most take years to instill in themselves.


He Was Full Of Passion


He cared about more than just himself. He also knew how to live in the moment and indirectly taught you how to live life better as a result. No wonder you miss him.


Family Was Important

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He wasn't one of those lone wolf types. Family was one of his pillars, and that made you happy because it showed you two could have had a bright future.


Vulnerability Wasn't An Issue


She wasn't cold-hearted at all. She would reveal her deepest feelings to you, and that helped you to trust her more than others who wouldn't get as deep with you


You Loved New Experiences With Each Other


Going out to new places was something like a hobby for you two. That resulted in learning different things all the time with someone you cared about...which isn't easy to forget.


She Knew When You Needed Space


Sometimes, a man needs his space and it has nothing to do with what you did. Some time to think alone and recharge is something he had before you, and he wants to taste that periodically.


He Thought You Were Lovely When You Didn't


Even when you thought you looked a mess without your makeup or with acne, he saw your beauty in the flaws. He helped eliminate your self-conscious thoughts and move you forward.


You Didn't Get Proper Closure


This one probably hurts the most. When you can't get the proper closure from someone you cared about, you'll think about it often, forcing you to live with more regret than you wanted.


You Liked Who You Were When You Were With Them

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It can be hard to shake a relationship that made you feel like the best version of yourself. Maybe you can't stop thinking about your ex because you can't stop thinking about how you were when you were with them.

You Miss Their Friendship

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One of the greatest perks of being in a relationship with someone you love is the friendship that comes with that love. How often have you heard yourself or a friend say they wished they could have stayed friends with someone they dated?


You Liked Being In Love

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Maybe thinking about your ex has less to do with them as a person than you might think. Thinking about your ex could mean that you simply miss the feeling of being in love and the purpose that brings to your life.


You Remember That Time In Your Life Fondly

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When you think back on the time you spent with your ex, you think of it well, and maybe that's what you miss. Was that time in your life overall some of the best times you've had?


Maybe You Feel A Little Guilty

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It's possible that if you're thinking about your ex, it's because you're feeling a little guilty about the breakup, especially if you were the one who did the breaking up. Remember that couples break up for a lot of reasons, and not loving each other anymore is rarely one of them. It's normal to feel guilty, but that doesn't mean you want them back!


You Believe In "The One"

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Beliving in "the one" is a super toxic thing that we have to let go of. When you find yourself wondering if your ex was "the one" and you missed out on your chance of a happily-ever-after, you're going to have a hard time moving on.


You Haven't Found Someone You Like As Much

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It's entirely possible that the reason your ex keeps crossing your mind is that you haven't found someone you're as into as you were into them. Maybe you're not someone who falls hard for a lot of people.


They Were Your First Real Love

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The age-old saying is that you never forget your first love, and that's true. If you're thinking of your ex because they were the first person you really loved and you can't imagine feeling that way for another person, that's fair. There will be a lot of love in your life, but never the same love twice.


You're Not Happy With Your Current Partner

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Maybe it has less to do with your ex than you think. It could be that your ex is on your brain because you're thinking about how that relationship was different or better than the one you're in now.

You've Romanticized The Relationship

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It can be hard to keep perspective after you break up with someone you really love. You might look back and see only the good things and wonder why it didn't work. Remember that you guys probably broke up for a reason, and those reasons likely still remain!