It's the little things you do that makes him find you attractive.

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There are some absent-minded things girls do without realizing their impact. Here are some things that girls do that guys admitted to secretly finding attractive.

Most of the time we're not acting a certain way to impress. But that doesn't mean that people aren't noticing. I'm always surprised by the seemingly normal things that people notice about my behavior that I didn't even realize I was doing.

There are some absent-minded things girls do without realizing their impact. Here are some things that girls do that guys admitted to secretly finding really attractive.

Pulling Your Hands Into The Sleeves Of A Big Sweatshirt

woman with hands in sleeves

I was surprised to see how many guys think this is attractive. But apparently, it's ultra-adorable when women put their hands into the sleeves of a big sweatshirt and ball them up, especially if it's his sweatshirt.


Lingering A Little Longer Than Normal

woman looking intently at man on bench
For example, if you're hugging him, hold it a little longer than the average. Or you're looking at him a little longer than everyone else when you're parting from a group. Especially in the flirting stage, guys love feeling like they have a little bit of extra attention.

Taking The Lead

man holding woman's hand as she leads him

Don't be afraid to take charge in some situations! Send that first text to start a conversation! Initiate, even when you want to get physical! Men swear that there's nothing sexier than a woman who knows what she wants.


Tucking Your Hair Behind Your Ear...

woman playing with hair

Or simply just touching your hair in general. Especially if it's a habit you do when you're nervous or deep in thought. Since most women do it absentmindedly, a lot of guys think it's adorable.


Anytime You Randomly Touch Him

girl hugging man

Whether you're just slightly leaning into him while running errands. Running from across the street to jump into his arms. Or just squeezing his hand, men love it when you find a reason to touch him out of the blue.


Getting Excited About Random Things

girl ecstatically laughing

It's extremely attractive when you geek out about your favorite movie series or get excited when you talk about your favorite animal. Showing that you're passionate about your hobbies and interests is wildly hot to them.


Getting Playfully Competitive

couple running on beach

Get a little too into a game that you're playing, lightly shove him when he's teasing you, or pull out the big guns and say "fight me" or "make me"—he will lose his mind, but in a good way.


When You Give Him Little Compliments

man and woman together

Guys love getting compliments, too! Tell him that his eyelashes are long and pretty! Mention something that he does, like a small habit, that you really like! Make him feel special!


When You Put Your Hair Up

girl putting hair into ponytail

I was surprised by this one, but apparently, guys think it's hot when they watch a girl tie her hair up in a ponytail or messy bun. I'm not sure about the psychological backing, but hey — own that ponytail! Work that up-do!


Whenever You Wear Something Of His

girl in boyfriend's hoodie

Men might pretend to be peeved when you steal their hoodie or t-shirt, but, deep down, they love it. Wearing his clothes shows that you're proud to be associated with him or just like wearing things that smell like him.


Being Independent At Social Events


If you go to a social event, even if it's all his friends, it's really attractive when you're not afraid to leave his side and have conversations with other people there by yourself. Getting along with his friends without him there to moderate is hot in his eyes.


Smiling When He Looks At You

woman smiling

That being said, guys love it when they look at you from across a room or within a group, and you instantly smile when you notice his gaze. That little extra attention goes a long way.


When You Scratch His Back / Play With His Hair

girl playing with dude's face

Men love to have their hair played with and having their backs gently scratched. Just generally running your hands over his features, like tracing his jawline, can be super attractive to guys.


Anything That Shows You're Thinking About Him

girl texting

Just about everyone likes to know that they're being thought of, so showing him that you're thinking of him regularly makes him like you even more. Send him a snap if you hear his favorite song somewhere, or shoot him a drunk text so he knows he's on your mind.


Your Individual Smell

man pressing face into girl's hair in bed

You know how stealing a guy's hoodie is nice because it smells like him? Men love your individual scent, too. If you ever notice a guy breathing you in during a hug, just know he's admiring your smell.


When You Giggle Or Get A Little Embarrassed

woman giggling and looking down

Don't be afraid to get giggly or a little embarrassed from time to time! Letting down your walls and being a bit vulnerable shows the guy that you're comfortable with him, and that's hot.


When You Put Your Hand On His Chest

man and woman lying down on grass, her hand on his chest

You can be cuddling or just talking/flirting, but men lose their minds when you lean into them and put your hand (or both hands) on their chests. One guy on Reddit says "there's something visceral and animal about it that's just wonderful".


Your Weird Little Habits

scrabble tiles read: embrace your weird

The things guys love best that you do are the things that are so uniquely you. It's the little quirks that they haven't seen anyone else do before that are really, deeply attractive to them.


When You Remind Him You're All His And He's Yours

woman wraps arms around man from back

While being too jealous is a problem, getting a little territorial around him can be a turn on for him. Similarly, making it clear to others that he's the only one you have your eyes on has the same effect on him.


Having Confidence In Yourself

woman smiling into the sun

Feeling comfortable in your own skin and being confident in yourself is wildly attractive to guys. Don't feel scared to FaceTime him when you have your makeup off. Be self-assured in how you look and don't let other girls make you feel insecure. Owning who you are is hot as hell.


Having Traits That Remind Him Of His Parents

Old man kisses woman by the beach

Some studies have come up with the term "imprinting," which exists both in aminals and people. It basically implies that we're likely to be attracted to people with similar traits to the ones we were familiar with growing up.

One study, for example, found that the best indicator of attraction to hair and eye color for the men in the study was the hair and eye color of their mothers.


Tilting Your Head The Right Way

woman tilts her head in the street

Simply tilting your head the right way can make a man's heart melt. When a group of men looked at a series of faces that were manipulated to appear like they were from different angles, the men were most attracted to faces where women tilted their heads enough that they were looking slightly up.

This shows that even the smallest adjustments to the way we carry ourselves can go the distance!


Letting Music Take You Away

couple dances in forest

A lot of research has shown that music has one of the biggest impacts on a person's sexual desire or sexual behavior. The way that you embrace it and lose yourself to it can activate those desires as well as show your carefree and fun side.


Having Your Own Passion Project

woman works on laptop and writes in notebook

Men have proven time and time again that they are attracted to confident women. Part of being confident is having passion and goals. They love to see you light up when you talk about your passions and go to work on something that's exciting and that's all yours.


Maintaining Eye Contact While Talking

woman looks over and smiles in yellow coat

Who doesn't love to feel special? Maintaining eye contact with him makes him feel like you're the only two people in the room. He feels special that you're still able to give him your full attention.


Getting Messy While You Eat

woman in Mexican restaurant eats taco

It's good to be proper and classy when the time calls for it, but guys love to see you get down and dirty and truly enjoy the food you're eating. They don't care if your fingers get all sloppy and there are sauce streaks all over your chin. It's part of the experience!


When You Get Along With Their Friends

Friends cheers with wine

Guys love "a girl who can hang" with their friends. It shows them that you can really hold your own and they don't need to babysit you every time they take you out. Plus, it gives them their friends' approval, which is just a bonus.


Wearing A Red Dress

Woman stands in red dress in telephone booth

Studies keep finding that the color red is the most attractive color. This might be linked back to our evolutionary roots, like how animals redden before ovulation. Plus, red looks good on everyone and makes you stand out!


When You Make Them Feel Useful

man cooks through fire on the grill

Don't feel weak when you can't open the pickle jar because guys love to be of service. They want to feel useful and protective of you in the smallest ways. It's not because they think you're weak but because they want to believe they can be strong for you.


When You Make The First Move

woman grabs man's face to kiss him

It's nice to feel desired, and that applies to both men and women. It's a lot of pressure to feel like you have to be the one to make the first move, and it can be a huge relief to a man who is nervous around you if you take the lead. Plus, it's attractive that you're showing them you know what you want and are going for it.